Bipolar beginnings

anger-and-depressionIt’s one of those things. You’ve always known that something was never quite right. Sometimes your the odd one in class. The quiet one. The talkative one. The class clown. The angry bully. Whoever you were, these are all parts of you and who you are inside.
I started a few months ago by reading the biographies. Of similar tragedies from others who share this affliction… Books can only go so far. Caring for patients can only go so far. Sharing in a loved one’s pain can only go so far. No matter what a doctor, psychiatrist, therapist says…you can never ever fully understand it unless it effects you.

About 23 years ago I was told I was bipolar. 1990…There was no Internet. Google couldn’t find the answer to what bipolar meant. Just out of high school, who goes to a library??
When a doctor told you that you were ill and gave you medication, like always you just assume their right. Take what you are given and in time it will go away right?

That’s where we all go wrong…I know now that it’s a life long illness. Education, treatment, and self awareness is key to a fulfilling life.


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