Day one


Today is day one of my separation. I’ve moved in with a friend until I can collect myself. Until I can settle myself. Until my meds calm things out.
I never told my wife about the bipolar. She just thought I had issues an some mild depression as most people do now a days. I stopped taking my meds 10 years ago.
Thought the ILLNESS was gone. Lol
Well as usual, I was wrong.
I’d like to think the mixed or hypo mania has slowed down, but looking back on the day I’m not sure.
I awoke to sweats an shaking from a dream I have no idea about. Made coffee and watched a movie. Laughed a bit. Got ambitious an exercised a bit. Cried for a while. Read a book. Played video games. Watched another movie. Cried a bit more…then started typing here ;/

I know the days will get better. I know the doctors will finally find the new set of meds for me to be on. Because it’s always different. From one year to the next.
And then on tomorrow. ..Three doctor appointments. Therapist…psychiatrist. ..then chiropractor.
Another upping of my dosages. Another try to “make me better”


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