Day Fourteen


Damn, I can’t seem to ever catch up. Another day behind. .
Yesterday wasn’t too bad. Drove three hours to work overnights for a few weeks. Got a room paid for. Food paid for. .. sunny and 77° even severely depressed, I can’t complain too much right?
I can though say it’s still hard to work. There is 30 people here. And I still feel alone.
I’m also a bit nervous. I love my wife. I in love with my wife. But. …I don’t do well with trips. I almost always do something that I end up regretting later.
It doesn’t help with half the people being girls. All looking at me like I’m a piece of meat.
So. . Do I give in? Let what ever happens, happen?
Or do I stay committed to my marriage an be a good boy for once I my life?
One never been good. I always end up sleeping with a girl.
How do you stay committed with bipolar? Don’t we always do this? I know I have
Oh well, think its time to nap before work. ..


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