Life Beginnings Part 4


It’s graduation night. Being depressed, manic, an feeling a bit crazy.
I picked a girl I didn’t even like to go. Only because I knew she wouldn’t say no. I think we had fun, but honestly I’m not sure. I do remember dropping her off early because I wanted to really party. She wasn’t the party type.
I don’t remember most of the night. Just a lot of alcohol. Not sure what happened. But I woke up on my bedroom floor. Still wearing my tux an shoes. An I had thrown up. Looks like I had attempted to make it to the bathroom but never made it. My mom and I moved to another apartment. I partied even more. More sex. I met some girl from downstairs. We had sex a few times, did some coke. But I had to stop that, she also did heroin. I also somewhere ended up with my original girlfriend again. Still not sure how we ended up back together. I think it lasted a few more nights. An I pushed her away again. She was just to good a person. I didn’t deserve her. I knew if she and I stayed together, it wouldn’t have gone well. So we parted as friends and I went on drinking. I met two more girls. A girl really cute. She was hot. She couldn’t keep her hands of me. At any moment, no matter where we were or who was around. She would grab a blanket or her jacket an throw it over my pants. Then unzip them. Of course I didn’t mind, what guy would? We had lots of sex. While I was dating her, I met a girl I worked with an started seeing her too. Had sex quite a few times. And I also started seeing another one too. We had even more sex. Three at one time. Trying to balance them was hard. I remember one night in particular, I went out with my girlfriend had sex, met the girl from work an had sex, then the last one came by at 3 am for a quicky. I was so busy, I started saying I didn’t have time. They all had a little money, so they kinda started paying for my attention. Not much, $25-50 per “visit”. I had become a guy who has sex for money. The money ended up paying for drugs I took. Then I ended up moving into the house I partied at the most.
The drugs really started flowing. We sold marijuana, did lots of acid and coke. Had crazy parties. Lots of sex. One night I apparently had sex with a girl. Didn’t remember any of it. I woke up the next day an my roommates said who was that girl you were with?
I had no clue. But a few days later I had a bad rash. Guess that was poor choice as usual. We sold so much drugs, or house got raided by the police. They trashed the house. Things were getting out of hand.
Well as time went on, the last girl I was with ended up getting pregnant. This is where my daughter came from. We decided up moving away from the parties may calm things down.
This brings me to my next installment, the calmer life. .
(To be continued)


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