Day Sixteen


So far today has been interesting. I’m working overnight for my job. And my craving for sex has been steadily increasing.
Am I the only one who has such vivid dreams? I’d say 60% of the time I don’t remember anything. But that other 40% I would swear it was really happening. I awoke to the best set of dreams I’ve had in a long time. I say set because it was a bunch of mini dreams all rolled into one. I dreamed about every girlfriend I’ve ever had giving me oral sex. It was a good night. As a matter if fact, it may have been the best dream I ever had. Lol. I woke up sweating with my heart racing.
But to my advantage, we’re working so many hours that afterwards I’m just ready for sleep. I had invitations to go drinking with some of the girls, but we were all tired. Nobody else wanted to do any drinking, just sleep.
I’m trying to get past me. Get passed my pain. I can’t walk into my house and look at my wife without feeling like a piece of shit.
Part of me thinks if I have sex with a girl or two here I may just forget. I may just feel wanted. That maybe I’m not as bad as I think I am??
Well, guess I’ll cut it short. Too much going on today, I’m ready to start writing about today before I forget like I always do. Memory doesn’t ever seem to work well. Lol


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