Happy Birthday Son


This will be one of my first happy posts. The last few days I’ve spent with my family. Tomorrow is my son’s 11th birthday.
So you ask, what does he want for a present???
Now keep in mind, this boy is something else. He always has nice stuff. Good computer, big TV in his room, bikes, video games, everything. And he’s always thinking of bigger and better things.
But for this birthday, all he wanted was to spend time with me. Since I moved out it had been pretty hard on him. He’s cried a lot. Hell, I’ve cried a lot.
But when him mom asked for him to make a list of what he wanted for his present all he wanted was to play football with me, video games with me, have me over for dinner, everything with me.
I had no idea. My wife just showed me the list he made. She looked at me an said, that’s what she did. She brought me over this week for him.
So today we played football. Watched some funny shows. Laughed. Snuggled up on the couch. It was one of the best nights I’ve had in a long time.
I had not planned on posting a picture, but I took some selfies of us after he got ready for bed an we were hanging out on the couch.


So, I was wrong. There are a few happy days out there, I just have to learn patience.
Happy birthday son.


6 responses to “Happy Birthday Son

  1. Happy Birthday to your boy! What a great gift for him. You have so much to live for right there. So glad you had a good day. You are right, the good days are out there, and they are so worth it when they come.

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