This is so me. Don’t remember most of mine.

Last night was one of those exceptions. An wow, WHAT THE HELL?

What I remember….

I went over to my house where my wife is living now, we’re separated. She asks me to go in the bedroom with her?

Tells me to lay on the bed an wants to take naked pictures of me? Oddly I agree an she starts snapping. Her phone rings an she says be right back. Some random girl I’ve never seen before walks in the room.

Now she wants to take pictures of me an this other girl? And oddly enough I say yes again.

Not to get into graphic details, but I’m sure you get the idea where it went after that.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Does it have any meaning at all?

Or was it just some random dream because I’m fairly medicated?

What ever..
Post your thoughts if you feel like it.


5 responses to “Dreams?

  1. It’s definitely an interesting dream. Maybe it’s your subconscious telling you that even though you guys are separated, you’re still sexually attracted to her? No clue.

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    • Thank you! There is no doubt I’m my mind that I’m very attracted to her. I still love her very much. I’m moving slowly, but I want her back.
      Not sure still what the other girl means, but I want her as much as the 1st day we met.

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  2. It seems like you feel like you are still willing to do almost anything for her but maybe there are other distractions in life. Or go right for the literal and you really want a threesome with your wife… which I don’t blame you.

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    • Lol, I’ve done that before and while it sounds nice it’s just confusing an never seems to end well.
      As far as distractions…I suffer from bipolar disorder, anxiety, ocd, adhd.
      So yeah I have a lot of distractions out there.
      Thank you for taking the time to reply.


      • My partner and have been looking to do it… just seems slightly nerve racking. We have an open relationship so it is our kind of thing.

        I can understand the distraction. My hypomania makes me just like a dog seeing a squirrel. Good luck!


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