Ya know, sometimes you have to wonder…

Am I the product of my past? Did what happened all those years ago effect more than just my emotions. Did it also effect my chemistry?
Blips in the mind, that’s all I have from my childhood. Like driving really fast on the highway an trying to watch the stripes in the road. Sometimes my mind can slow them down an see each stripe as it passes. Other times it’s all a blur.
I’m not all that old, sometimes I feel ancient,  but this time in my life. This point where I’ve ended up. It’s not where I would have expected my life to be.
I didn’t anticipate the waves of emotions. I didn’t see how proper treatment could benefit me.
And here I am.


2 responses to “Life

    • Yea to go back into time sometimes would be nice. But then we would lose who we are now. I’m not always sure I would be willing to do that.
      We are stronger from our failures. While they hurt badly, it makes us learn.

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