A Quicky


So…I’m a little curious. I’m at work and had a few minutes before I went back to my office.
Last night wasn’t the best night, as I realize reading my post. I know I’ve cycled fast before, but it’s one of those things.
Have I cycled yet again? I keep second guessing myself now. I don’t know what to believe or think.

My heart is racing.
Mind going 8000 miles a minute.
I’ve not been to my office yet an I’ve been here 5 hours. Can’t seem to sit down.
It seems like I’ve talked nonstop 5 hours.
I’m laughing, joking, think I skipped once?

What the hell?

Is it possible I’m just oddly in a good mood? But how can it be so fast since where I was last night?
Am I rushing back up to another manic episode?
I’ve never had that happen at work before, kinda worried if so what I would do??


Back to work I guess. Yippee


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