Wasted Time


You all know the office visits. The complaints if your late for an appointment. All those things that frustrate you.
I’ve always complained about this, but nobody at any doctors office ever cares.

Why the hell do you schedule 8 people at the same time?
–this is one of those times where you look at the room an see a picture like the one I stole online. Then look at the list an see 7 other people seeing the same doctor at the same time? Now I’m no genius, but I’m fairly certain that isn’t physically possible. I waited an hour and a half, 3 different waiting rooms. 5 different nurses asking me the same questions. Each one pulling up my chart. Making a few clicks. Then the “someone will be with you soon” speech.

Why do you HAVE to get a referral to see yet another doctor?
–finally reaching the doctor now 2 hours past my scheduled appointment time, he again asks similar questions? Re-explaining yet again…then to my appointment. He does this test an that test. After a series of 5 or so, “ok I guess your ready for the surgery”.

What the hell? I knew that when I called for the appointment. Then I got the ok were going to then recommend the referral now?


Oh, we don’t do that procedure here. You have to go to our other main office. That’s where the actual surgeries are done????

My obvious response…

Why couldn’t I have just gone there in the first place???

Nope, to get an appointment there you have to have been given a referral first?

By now my blood was just about to boil over. I took a deep breath, said fine in the calmest voice I could muster.

Now to the reception desk where you pay for them not actually doing anything. It’s time to schedule my real appointment. She calls the office and gives them my info. Yet again. Writes some things down on a pad I can’t see. Then puts the phone aside an says, ok I can make your appointment, first available time is July 31st??? I said sure…then I ask if I will have the surgery at that point and will have to be driven in? Nope, you have another consultation then the surgery is scheduled????


But I have the ability to call and harass them once a week an see if anyone has given up waiting an steal their spot in line?


The words aren’t in the picture, but I’m sure you can make out what he is saying. Lol

Tell me this, why do we allow the doctor community to do this? Are you telling me there isn’t enough doctors? This is business, just like any other one. From a managerial perspective, wouldn’t you look for more help and a bigger office?

I Hate Going To Doctors Offices.



2 responses to “Wasted Time

  1. I used to get frustrated by the waits but now I just accept the wait as par for the course. I can’t change it. If I get in quick then that a pleasant surprise. Of course, seroquel quells my mind and that greatly assists in my patience.


    • Lol, I kinda miss seroquel sometimes just for that reason.
      For me, all that waiting causes my anxiety to start a flowing. Then stack vyvanse on top of everything an I’m not a thrilled person


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