Impossible Dream?


I’ve been wondering about the possibility of 2 bipolar people being together as a workable couple?
I used the waves crashing against each other as an analogy because of how unpredictable nature of nature.
Is the unpredictable nature of a bipolar person such a force that they will always be at odds?
If they were both depressed at the same time would the world end?
If they were both manic at the same time would all hell break loose?
I don’t even want to consider both in a hypomanic state.


4 responses to “Impossible Dream?

  1. I have bipolar 1 disorder and have had a few friends that were as well. It was disastrous and none of them ended well. I’m currently living with a friend of 20 years who’s just been recently diagnosed bipolar 2 and it is also going in the same direction. I’m trying to slide out civily. So, through experience, the answer is no. But I can keep communication with people online.


      • Then again, everyone is different and depending on the severity of their condition. So, it could be possible and there is hope. But both have to work at having empathy for each other and using that to help the other or give the other space when needed. Relationships may be easier on bipolars if living in different places. It can work.


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