It’s been a few days since I posted. Been thinking a lot.
So much going on right now. I’m packing up my stuff. Watching what little I had go into bags an boxes. I never bought anything else while I was here. Just what I brought with me other than the food I got.
Seeing how little we need to live. I’ve been here for 3 months. And what I have can fit in one car load, including my TV.
It’s surprising.
I had thought I was going to take 2 trips and move over fully by Sunday. But now there’s no reason to wait. If I stayed here I would just be wasting gas driving the extra miles to and from work.
My wife asked if I had planned on coming over tonight or not. I told her all of this and I’m waiting for a reply.
I’m a bit nervous she’s now thinking about it again and isn’t sure and that’s why she is taking longer to let me know.
God I fukkin worry about everything.
I barely get a minutes rest.

Ughhh. I think I’ll do my yoga now. It will take up some time and calm my mind. I gotta get my mind clear. I can’t go there a nervous wreck.


6 responses to “Anxious

  1. I am on the opposite side of the coin with far too much stuff. I want to cull and get rid of the masses of dvd’s and books that I have accumulated but rarely used over the years.


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