Just Monday


Monday is the stupidest day of the week.
So pointless.
I think people would be more apt to getting things done if there were 3 day weekends. Then 4 ten hour days.

But who really gives a shit right….

I cooked actual food today. I haven’t done that in months. Supposed that has to do with my microwave life the past few months.
I not only cooked, but i ate too. Lol

Since I’ve been exercising more lately I’ve been eating more too. It’s probably another good reason I moved back here. If I were to be eating more bullshit, I’m sure that would combat any exercise I’m doing now.

The exercise still seems to be helping my mood. I burn thru yoga fairly quick an it’s not as hard anymore. Started doing more now.
I still think regardless of what you do, adding endorphins to your system has got to help in some form.
While I’m not dipping down too far yet, it seems like it’s out there somewhere.
Is it one of those self fulfilling prophecy items? If I want to be depressed, I will?

Because if that’s the case, why wouldn’t it work the other way around?
I Want To Be Manic
I want to be superman


There, it happened. Fukkin depressed an all.

I’ve had enough of today.


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