I’m just amazed…

It doesn’t sound like much, but today I just noticed I have 100 people following my blog?

I never intended on anyone else reading it. I started this for a clean, easy way to document my thoughts. With such disarray going on in my head, on paper I couldn’t keep up.

Not to offend anyone,  I could have given 2 fucks less if anyone read it. Yes 2 fucks, not just one fuck. It’s not for anyone but me. I’m not the “blogger” who has Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc connected to boost my followers. I don’t write to make people happy.

I write what’s currently going on in my head and life. Sometimes I say offensive things. My wife tells me that I’m just inappropriate. Lol.
Well we’re working through things and currently separated. So right now she can just kiss my ass. 🙂

I’ve met some great people in the last few months. People who have given great suggestions. People who cared about me. I’ve offered my help when I can too.

I just never expected to be still doing this today. I have the attention span of a gnat. But the more I write, the more I have to say…odd right?

So much so, I’m contemplating writing a book. I hated English class in school. I’m scientific, not literary in mind. But today I just feel more inspired.

I guess I’ll see where that takes me..

Anyway, thank you everyone. From the bottom of my blackened heart. Without some very kind words, I’m not sure if I would have stuck things out here in Florida. I’m a runner. Things go bad, I leave.

Thank you


14 responses to “Bewildered?

  1. 100 followers is a good milestone.
    Keep on writing. I find it interesting reading people thoughts for real and not in the way I used to delusionally think I could read them.
    So many similar experiences.
    Blogging helps with my attention too, it’s a good tool.
    I think it’s good to get things out of your mind and onto the page. It can give some perspective.
    Keep up the writing and I’ll keep on reading.
    cheers, Glenn


  2. Once again, I am loling at your picture. Like, I just can’t stop. I just have to stop looking at him now… I’m glad I found your blog. I love reading it. You’re so real and honest. We would’ve never been friends in high school, but that is what is so cool about blogging, you get to meet people you otherwise never would’ve met, and become friends.


      • Oh God. I didn’t mean it like that. I just was saying that in high school everyone has there groups and clicks. But online, and as you get older, that stuff kind of disappears more and you don’t have to worry about all that, you know?


      • Okay, forget high school, now I gotta get all junior high on you and ask if you’re mad at me? And no, you’re absolutely not that bad of a person. No one is beyond redemption. That says something.


        • Lmfao. No rebekah. I’m a silly, playful boy. A boy who has been having fun meeting and becoming friends with so many people. You included.
          I assume reading all of the blogs I follow, I would have known half of them because I was the typical out of control party kid. One who not only didn’t take medication, but used and abused drugs an alcohol.


  3. Hey! So glad people are reading 🙂 I commented and followed you from my other blog yesterday too 🙂 G


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