Mixed in the Middle


So its slowly starting. Has been for a little while now. The hypermania is creeping it’s way through.

Good times 😉
Yesterday I had 5 people at work tell me to slow down because I was talking to fast.
Ive gotten more done at work in the past week than I have in quite a while.
I reorganized my office.
Sorted files.
Didn’t vacuum (looks like ass).
I’ve barely had any coffee, haven’t had time. Few cups I’ve had keep getting cold.
Cleaned the bathroom.
Mowed the grass.
Exercised every day, few times twice.

Bad times 😥
And…I have been crying all the time. Watching TV.
Staring at my computer.
In the shower.

This is so emotionally draining. While it’s great to be a little above water right now, it’s taking its toll on me.

Literally feel like I’m being torn in two.


Like I’m two different people stuck the same straight jacket.

What a long day. Time for some mindless nonsense.


9 responses to “Mixed in the Middle

  1. Stay strong, I also love the positives of Bipolar, but I hate the depression side. All I know I can do is focus on the good, and know that this too will pass. It’s a strange dance we do, going up and down. But letting others know about it is the best thing to do.


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