So I’ve not posted in a few days. In sure it’s not just me, but depression seems to sometimes effect in a bad way for writing too.
Sometimes I can write like crazy, times like now I’m so exhausted mentally I can barely come up with a full sentence. Only reason I can write now is because I’m writing about not writing. Lol
Its not like in doing great an have nothing bad to write about, because I’m not. It’s not like I’m doing so horrible that I can’t write, because I’m not.
I just can’t seem to think clearly enough to say a rational thought without sounding like a moron.
I’m having a hard time talking to others too. Forming a intelligible thought seems near impossible.
So I’ve just been quiet.
Chirp chirp chirp
Beuller, Beuller?
That’s my mind, or for a trip without me.  It’s the only thing I can think is my problem?
Well I have a lot of problems and a bitch is one.
I shouldn’t say that, my wife isn’t a bitch. I just pushed her past her limits.

Oh well… I’m probably not worth the fight anyways.


One response to “Writing…

  1. Mate, keep in mind that it’s only the depression talking. Those chemicals in the brain misfiring and creating these altered thoughts.
    For me, finally having that insight has been a game changer and a life saver. Thank you Seroquel!
    Even on my down days I still keep this in mind.
    And it helps to get me through.
    That’s why being honest about my condition is so important for me.
    Friends and family now understand that with me and they no longer hold it against me.
    And so I don’t hold it against me either.
    I’ve stopped being my own worst enemy.


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