I’m still here


As much as I tried, I’m here and awake this morning. 

Thank you for the concerns last night.

I called into work for today. Couldn’t take it.

Only reason I’m out of bed right now, my puppies needed to eat. But I’ll be going back in just a few

Didn’t cut too bad last Night. think I was too drunk. Although it would seem as though I walked into my door at some point. There’s shit hanging on the back of my door and half of it was on the floor.
I also have a nice scar on my nose from where I hit it.

Yay me, another brilliant move.

But again, thank you everyone for the kind words


One response to “I’m still here

  1. Keep in mind that alot of relationships come to an end. People change as we grow older and we grow apart, with our needs and wants changing. When my BiPolar was not medicated properly I had trouble putting things into their true perspective and saw myself as a failure. And that really depressed me. But now, although I have “failed” at many things and screwed a lot of things up it’s no big deal. These things happened because the BiPolar was initially undiagnosed for many years and also then misdiagnosed which led to being wrongly medicated. So I have failed but I do not see myself as a failure, just a person with mental illness that requires medication. And only the right medication makes a difference, the wrong medication exacerbated the problems, including my perception of myself and the world around me.

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