It’s just one of those things…


Last night was a disaster. I know it.

But at some point last night something else happened. Something different. 

I’m not sure when or how but something came into my room last night.

I awoke to find my blinds pulled up. They are those cheap $4 where the string barely work so I know it didn’t just accidentally happen and none of my pets could have pulled it.

On my window ledge is sitting a purple glass jar candle. About 1′ tall or so. It appears to have been lit, but only for a short period of time.

I have ginger growing outside of my window, I have it all around my house and back yard.

One single stalk of ginger is sticking through under my window?

Which means the window was opened from outside and this pushed inside. They are too far away to grab from inside my room.

I’ve studied quite a bit of different types of things.

There are mystical powers associated with candles. Every religion uses them in one form or another. Different colors also have meanings.

And of course herbs do too.

Nothing in the house was touched. Nothing was taken. There is dirt outside my window an no prints on my floor?

So what the hell?


11 responses to “It’s just one of those things…

  1. I think it’s probably just coincidence and your mind making associations to support what you think happened. We humans are pattern seekers. But I am no longer a believer in the supernatural and paranormal like I used to be. The seroquel cleared up those, what were in my case, delusions nicely.


    • Coincidence is similar events without connection.
      My mind is a mess right now, I know that. There is nothing coincidental about something opening my window while I’m sleeping. It’s just fucked up.
      My room is outside the fence facing the road.
      I don’t sleep heavy or much, but last night was a little different story. I’m curious if it will happen again at some point.
      Someone did open my window. I don’t know who or when, but it did happen.
      I may be connecting irrelevant items, but I know there was nothing in my widow. My cat keeps knocking shit off it so I took everything I had off.


    • Well, that would be what was left of the ginger plant. My cat loved it and all day she ate off it. Ginger isn’t harmful to animals, so I let her
      I looked them up before, they are a type of ginger. Mine grow to be around 4-6′ tall. Have a single orange flower. And the standard ginger type bulb in the ground.


  2. Firstly, you have ginger growing all around your house? That sounds fantastic! That isn’t something common to my area, but I imagine the air must smell amazing.
    Secondly, whatever came into your home didn’t harm you. Even when you were so completely vulnerable. So what that means to me is it was there to help, or possibly console. Don’t worry about it, but instead be thankful and know that another soul or entity is caring about you.


    • It does smell amazing at my house. Ginger growing all over. I’ve replanted the bulbs all around since it grows so easily.
      In my back yard I have key lime tree, grapefruit tree, and blood orange tree.
      The oranges are amazing. Before here I never had one. They have a darkened red/orange skin and the fruit part is reddish pink. Very sweet an juicy.
      All the flowers together make an amazing combination.
      It’s gonna be something I’ll definitely miss moving from here


      • That sounds awesome. The climate out here on the west coast definitely doesn’t allow for that kind of yumminess. We have no shortage of green though. Everyone always complains about how much it rains out here, but the rain is what keeps us green. I’ve always found nature to be very grounding. When I’ve let my head get out of control to the point that there is only crazy left, nature can be the slap in the face I need to wake up. It doesn’t make me better obviously, it just slows me down.
        We are lucky in that we live in a part of the world that is healthy. And even if you do move, it won’t be that key lime tree (which I had to google btw), or that blood orange tree (we get those once in a while in the grocery store, expensive), but unless you’re moving to Siberia, there will be something else fresh and new…. which really is what you need anyway.
        I find it easy to talk optimistically to you, I hope it isn’t too annoying. If it doesn’t help you sorry, it does kind of help me though. Maybe one day I can transfer my optimism for others to myself.

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        • Well rabbit, I don’t mind the optimism. I need it since I don’t have much for me.

          I’ve only lived on my own once. I’m a bit scared. Coming home to an empty house. It’s terrifying


  3. Terrifying? No, no, no. Liberating.
    It would terrify me not living on my own.
    You will learn so much about yourself.
    The first time I got really sick, I ended up alone. It was invaluable.


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