Perception part 2


I decided to write a extention of my last post as the last week I’ve had some odd things happen to me.

I’m the eternal watcher. In my life I’ve been 2 different types of people.

The first type of me is the outspoken, flashy, asshole, full of himself guy. The guy who wants everyone to take notice of him. Guess this is the manic part of me.

The second part of me is the watcher. I’ll sit off to the side of everything going on and just take notice of people and their actions. People act differently when they don’t know they are being watched. I’ve learned a lot about people doing this.

I’ve been very withdrawn for quite a while now. I’ve definitely not been noticed. Sometimes people have repeated a story to me because they didn’t even know I was there for it.

This past week I’ve had some things happen that makes me wonder about things.

I’ve had women this week noticing me? Being the outside person, I know when people see you.
But not only was I noticed, they were flat out flirting with me? I can’t say that’s ever happened. I’ve been flirtatious over the years, but I’ve never been flirted with.

So what has changed that I’m an object of attention? I certainly don’t feel comfortable with myself.
Coworkers of my mine frequent a bar across the street from our work. It has an inside and outside area.
Last night one of the guys brought his puppies, 10 week old ones. So cute.

And obviously everyone loved them.

But this one girl basically sat on my lap while we played with them? No I don’t remember her name. Hell I don’t know remember the names of employees.

I don’t know what’s going on, bit I’m  confused by all of it. Not 100% sure I’m ok with all the attention.

Such a crazy world.


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