And the mood for today???


That’s my feeling of the day.

I just honestly don’t give a fuck.

I woke up, wandered to the bathroom. Let my dogs out. Went to grab a cup of coffee.
Then realized I was an hour late for work.
So I called in, said yea..I’ll be there in a bit.
Kinda strolled into work, made coffee there. Did a bit of work.
Then the manager calls me in the office, figure he’s seen how late I showed up to give me hell.
Says, hey how about you be a supervisor. In an area you know absolutely nothing about?
Hmmm, sure why not??

I then decided to take a break. Figured I was already an hour an a half late for work, got a promotion, why not right?

Stayed on break for way too long. Then proceeded to wander around the departments. I talked to half the place. Still don’t know half the people I talked to today, but what the hell right. Who gives a fuck.

It felt like I was in office space.

Its always interesting to be me. Never know what I’m going to wake up too.

Four days ago I was the happiest bitch in ma yard playing.
Two days ago I couldn’t stop crying.
And today, don’t give a fuck day.

Wonder what tomorrow may bring?

Maybe I’ll love everyone?


Naa, probably not


4 responses to “And the mood for today???

  1. Ah the “Buddy Christ” with the wink, point and thumbs up and from the hilarious movie “Dogma”.


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