Happy and Sad

Two completely different feelings for most.
Sadly not for all. I got an email from one of my best friends today.

I read your recent post today.  I think I have realized something about people with personalities such as mine and yours.  We feel deeply.  Other people might call it melodramatic, maybe sometimes it is.  But we feel with our hearts, and every emotion is strong.  Passion, fear, , anger, depression, despair, hope, sadness, joy, etc.  So when we have bad days we really have bad days.  When our days are good, they are freaking awesome.  When we are sad, the world is ending, or we want it to.  When we are happy, we are on top of the world. 

This friend has been there for me countless times in the last few months. She is my guardian angel. I have a few other close friends, but she has made a difference in my life that I wouldn’t give up for the world.

I can get overtaken by my emotions. Good and bad ones. Everything comes at such strength, it’s hard to take a break or breath.

Life is a struggle. It’s so hard when it’s this drastic and happens so often.
I’m just grateful I have someone like her on my side. I trust her with my life. And I’d do anything to protect hers.
It’s like she’s holding my heart in her hands and protecting it. Making sure it stays together even though it’s been shattered in a million pieces.

So publicly I wanted to say thank you for all you do for me :-*


11 responses to “Feelings

      • I don’t think many people truly care enough to understand the’ why’ behind the emotions, behaviors, and reactions expressed by those of us plagued with the depth control deficit (lol- I made that up to amuse myself).
        In my opinion… saying “I understand”, attempting to reflect empathy but instead giving a look of pity, a pat on the back, and/or offering some sort of magical ‘hug’… is simply patronizing ESPECIALLY when coming from a relative (my life) or close friend (oh shit, my life again).
        Repeat offenders deserve to be cut off.
        When you get lucky and find someone who truly gives a damn & can relate….
        well, that’s the lucky roll we all wish for.
        So, while I’m glad you get to have one of those in your life….

        …I’m also sure I’m not the only one a bit envious. LOLjk (not)


  1. She sounds like a great support and friend. True friends are there for us in the good times and the bad.


      • Hey Bucz, somehow I accidentally unfollowed you. I wondered why I had not seen your posts so went back through comments and saw the problem. Plus internet access playing up at the momemt: incredibly slow speeds. Anyway cheers mate!


        • No problem Glenn. We all have difficulty at times.
          I don’t post every day, but I’m getting back into it more again. It seems my outlet of writing had fallen to the side. And it’s been such a help that I needed it back.
          And my wonderful friend kinda told me to keep writing. So here I am. Makes sense that I should throw her out there.
          She deserves many thanks. I’m sure I’ll write more about her at some point. 😀 one of the joys I still have in my life.


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