Doctor visit


Just sitting at the pharmacy now, waiting for my prescriptions to be filled.
So many bottles
So many colors
Take with food
Take without food
Don’t operate heavy machinery (always a crowd favorite)

And behind door number two is…..


This now has been added to my daily regiment to be taken at night.

Don’t think I’ve ever been on this before. I did a little reading on it, seems to be one more item that treats all my crazy. Just not sure what to expect yet.

Has anyone taken this before? 
Experiences, good or bad

I’ve not really asked a question to the masses yet, more of those figurative statements.

If anyone has any input on this I would appreciate any information pretty please 😉


10 responses to “Doctor visit

  1. I was on klonopin twice. Once for two and a half years (I became addicted to it and couldn’t sleep without it) and once more recently for about six months. For me personally, it was hard to come off of but definitely helped with my anxiety. I came off of it most recently because I was sleeping for copious amounts of time.


      • Yes, it is that. I often feel completely isolated surrounded by people (family), which leads to my yearning to feel normal or enjoy every day activities… however, my selfloathing and depression are the keys that unlock my creative mind. So, for me, it’s bittersweet. If you stomp out the crazy, with it goes the individuality and creativity.
        Obviously, I’m not much of a peptalker LOL
        Apologies. ..


  2. Yeah, I took it for anxiety. Massive dumbshit that I was, I didn’t hide my bottle in a safe place and my dog Shera found my bottle and ate it all. Mercifully she survived after I rushed her to the animal hospital to get her stomach pumped. It did help to lessen my anxiety but it made me very tired.


      • Yeah, you need more than 4 hours a night. If I get 4 hours I become hypomanic or manic – it’s scary. That’s why I’m taking Seroquel – it has a bad reputation, but honestly, I like it, even if I’m groggy the next morning. I took Klonopin before I was diagnosed with bipolar…I just hope it helps you. You are a courageous person. I admire you! Hang in there!!!


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