Alcohol and Klonopin


So…I’ve gotta say, the addition of the new pills are not too bad.

If I mistype,  it’s cuz I’m fairly plowed. Lol
I drank a fair amount tonight. Probably more than normal. I would sat that I’m feeling a bit different than I had before I was on this new pilll.
I feel just a bit more intoxicated than I normally would be at this point of the night. An maybe I’m drinkin more than normal, but ya know what…fuck off. Haha
Its a chang for me. I’ve not felt good in so long I could give 2 fucks if anyone cared. I’m home. Fairly safe. Don’t plan on doing anything harmful to myself. Unless you consider more shots harmful.
Yes, I’ve done 3 more shots since I got home. And after I write this I’m gonna go a few more.
I’ve not got an alcohol problem. I consume alcohol just fine. There’s no problem.
I almost chased down a girl at the bar. Stopped cuz I couldn’t wall fast enough. My standards have dropped so far I would about chase anything at this point.
Not a good place to be, but at this feeling o really don’t care much.
All I wanna do is live

Someone please save me. Save me before I do something I will regret.


4 responses to “Alcohol and Klonopin

  1. No lectures on mixing alcohol and meds, but… The great feeling you’re having right now could turn on you with more shots, and leave you suicidal. I have done this too many times to count, so I speak from experience. Take care


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