Mentally off Wandering


Second part of my work done today. In a few weeks or so I’ll go back for the shading work. 😉

So anyways, I’ve been out a bit lately. I’ve not done much of anything but drink and sleep. An work I guess too…lol

My new mix of medication has me sleeping so much I’m not sure what to do with myself.
I’ve wanted to write, but forget until after I take my nighttime melody mix of pills an within hour I’m out cold.

I’m still alive. Haven’t harmed myself in any way for over a month now.
After the tattoo guy said he wouldn’t touch there till after it heals it kinda hit home. He also made me swear to never cut up his work.

So maybe I’ll just keep getting tattoos? I won’t ruin one with a razor. So if I’m mostly covered, it would be a safer bet I won’t do anything right?

I’ll keep this one short. Gotta finish up laundry for work tomorrow 😥

Plus I gotta get me thoughts together. Seems like so much has happened in the last few weeks.

I wanted to say thank you for people who sent me concerned messages wondering if I was ok.

It really means a lot. To know someone that I’ve never met cares for my safety.

Take care 


7 responses to “Mentally off Wandering

  1. Seems like the getting more tatts to stop the cutting is a good idea. Take care and good to hear you are still around.


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