Feeling vulnerable


Feeling weak and very vulnerable today.

Yesterday I had eye surgery. Not lasik, it was for a correction. They used a scalpel and sutures.

I can open my eye, can’t quite see out of it. I’m sure it will feel better soon. But one day later it’s still hurting pretty good.

The paperwork says it’s a common procedure. The chances of things going wrong a minimal. But I’ve not lived a very lucky life. So I’m slightly nervous to say the least.

I had to rely on a friend to take care of me yesterday. She made sure I had ice for my eye. And water for when I was thirsty. Although I slept the majority of the time I was there, it was such a kind gesture. I think total I was at her place from 11am till roughly 630pm. If she didn’t have to go visit her aunt, she would have let me just stay there all night.

I’d wake up and she was always there asking if there was anything I needed.
I never expected to be so reliant on someone like that. Usually never allowed myself to be.

I’m very grateful to have people in my life who care about me. Seems the more I open up with people, the more I find out who my real friends are and who I can count on. And it would seem to be that I have more of those people than I knew of before…

Well, I’ve taken my pain meds again. Sleep is coming back..


5 responses to “Feeling vulnerable

  1. Pal, to thine own self be kind said shakespeare and so true indeed. You may not have had a lucky life you say, but l say you are lucky to still be around. Sleep and enjoy your friends’ care too.


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