Off And Confused


So much has changed since my last posts. It’s been over a month.

One would think I should have gotten used to the disheveled lifestyle of being bipolar by now but it’s still hard to deal with at all times.
Nothing in life comes easy. There is always some new battle. A new enemy looking to take what is yours. Some battles you win, others you lose. The strongest force against me is now and always been the same. It’s me.
The one thing I’ve learned…



2 responses to “Off And Confused

  1. Getting BiPolar under control is a complex process that takes time for some of us. Finding the right meds can also be a big issue. What works for some does not work for others. I know people for whom it has taken a decade to find the right meds. Trying to exercise patience and perserverence when manic/psychotic is no easy feat, and may not be possible. Just remember that it is your BiPolar causing this. Be honest with your doctors and get a second opinion if need be.


  2. Thanks Glenn.
    I’m trying to get back here and write more again.
    My newest replacement med is Cymbalta. Only took it once a few years back. But it and it’s side effects are a bit rough. Trying to call the doctor today an see what I can do.
    Thanks for the kind words as always


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