Weathering the Storm


It’s been months since I wrote anything…
Not like I’ve not had things going on both good and bad. Guess I’ll start a mini update series. I always hate reading a 85k page blog about one single thing.
I’m sure it’s not just me. When I click on a post and scroll down. If it takes more than 5 times, I hit the back button.


I’ve moved again, this time not of my own choosing. I hate moving. When I bought my last house I swore I wasn’t gonna move again. Bullshit.

Somewhere around the 23th of last October, my wife tells me that I have to move and gives me till the end of the month. Thats 8 days to find a place am get my shit out. Wtf? I admit, there was a few tense moments. But for the most of the time I was there, things were not horrible between us.
But I was beginning to get worse and worse. She knew it. She knows me. In retrospect, I think the biggest reason she wanted me out so fast is that she didn’t want me to crash living there.

Whether it would have happened while we had the kids and she didn’t want them to see me go downhill? Or she was scared she would try an “help” me? Or who knows.
I was actually scared of moving out again. What stupid things I may do without supervision. Last move didn’t go the greatest.
Whatever reason she had, I called on a friend of mine from work who asked me about moving in a while back. She was awesome, told her the quick situation. She said sure, sounded like a great idea.
It also just happens to be 1.2 miles from my house. Lol
So I packed up my little ass car an moved everything I had in 3 trips. That’s including the bed, which I strapped to the roof of my car.
Yay, kicked out just before the holidays. Merry fukkin Christmas to me.

Well, I’m still living here now.

Still going. Dragging.

More later :/


5 responses to “Weathering the Storm

  1. Sudden changes are the pits for us. I hope you can find balance soon. New beginnings, especially ones we didn’t really plan for, can be hard. Strength, fellow warrior.

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