New Endings


So, I am a bad blogger. It came to my attention that I haven’t written since May. I’ve had so much happen in the last few months.

I’ll try an summarize it as detailed as possible.

I’m officially divorced now.

I sold the marital house, closes this Friday.

Moved in with the girl I’ve been seeing for the last year…officially today was the last box to unpack from my stuff.

Still unemployed, but considering going back to school full-time to finish it asap.

I’m happy with where my life is heading. I feel as though I have created a new ending to my life. One of my choosing.

I’ve also started something else new. I joined up with a bunch of good guys who made a new blog for technology.

I’ll be part of the authors when I get fully finished with all my stuff.

So, all in all…things are going well for me. I’ll be posting more from now on. I’m getting back into the groove again. Life just takes a lot out of you.


2 responses to “New Endings

    • Well, when I finally came back I went through my list to catch up on what had been happening. And when I noticed you weren’t in the feed, I went to the insights section of the app. It shows you comment authors and I knew you were on that list. But when I clicked the button it said follow instead of unfollow….so I found you, ha!

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