So, in a continuation of how things are currently going in my’s some more 😉

The girl I’ve been seeing for a year now, the one I just moved in with…

I’ve been prepared for this for the last 3 weeks. Waiting for the right moment.

Last night was finally it.

I took her to the place we had our first official dinner date. We laughed and ate a great meal.
Side note, she prides herself in being that person who knows everything. She even questioned me while we were eating about when I was going to ask her. She knew I had the ring a while now. I quickly came up with a date somewhere between now an 3 weeks from Friday. In her mind she concluded that it would happen that third Friday.
She didn’t even notice during our meal I took it out of my pocket an put it on my finger.
After it was done she wanted to walk around the building to the left, but I told her I wanted to go to “our” bench. This is where we had our first kiss.
We reminisced about where we’ve been and come in the last year.
I kissed her closely and told her how much I love her. She smiled back and I whirled around in front of her and got down on one knee.
It was semi public. Don’t know if there was anyone around us watching..the outside world seemed to slightly fade away. At that moment it was just us.
Her eyes welled up with joy an she said yes like 25 times.

She makes me so happy. I know the challenges bipolar couples face. I’ve had more than I care to count of failed relationships.

But I feel this is different. I know this is different.
I will beat the odds. I refuse to allow this to be another statistic.

I love her…


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