I’ve been wondering lately about the switches we have in our heads. Those moral ones that say what we’re supposed to do and not.

Those ones that some would call a spirit or conscious of sorts.

I think mine are broken and have been for quite some time. I’ve come to realize this over the last few years.

I’m wondering now if the bazillion meds I’ve taken for the last 20+ years have broken the internal connections where a non medicated person would say no that’s bad. And I’m just like meh.

I mean, doctors prescribe mind altering drugs to us legally. It’s proven that smoking for a length of time will cause negative effects right? If you take something long enough, it’s bound to have some sort of permanent effects would be my next assumption.

Now dont get me wrong, I’ve not done anything bad or wrong lately or anything. But the thought of it doesn’t engage that normal protection in me.

I can feel pain, suffering, loss, compassion, and love. But things like remorse or morality seem nearly foreign.

So, does a long term prescription of mind altering drugs in given dosages or mixtures cause these effects? I can’t remember every single one. Who could when you’re on it for 3 months then switch again and again and again. The names start to blur.

I dunno, just a random question I had in my head if anyone wants to chime in their thoughts????


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