So, haven’t written in a while. I’ve been working and going to school and I’m plain exhausted.

Holidays are about over. Fukkin finally. ..

As I sit here, smoking a mediocre bowl, I’m contemplating the New Years Eve and New Year coming.

Wondering what does this year have in store for me? 2015 was a fairly shitty year. Had a lot of great moments, I must say! But overall, I admit, it just sucked donkey balls.

I think I moved 4 times? And I may end up moving soon again. Fuk, I need a break from this shit.

So is there more shittyness to come in 2016? I’ve still yet to find my place in life. Like what do I really want? Without any hesitations, what do I wanna do?

I need to move to a deserted island. Well mostly deserted. Someone has to have food because I can’t grow it. Lol

I don’t know…but something has got to change.

You can’t lose every time right?

Or is life like those rigged carnival games? You can’t win. No matter how hard you try, those bottles won’t fall over.


Highlight there on the big fat 0

Just noticed now as I added this picture. On the left try number, it’s 44. That’s my age next year. Lmfao…

There ya have it folks. In true style, I found my fortune. Apparently 2016 I strike out yet again. Booo


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