Happy new years bitches.

I’ve never felt more alone than now. Fireworks going off in the distance. People kissing on TV. Everyone seems so happy elsewhere.

But I’m alone.

I decided to stay the night at my friends place so I wouldn’t be driving tonight. I’m too tired and too drunk.

I sit here writing and thinking to myself about the coming new year and the uncertainty of it all is deafening. I don’t know what the new year holds.

It can’t be worse than the last year, one would hope. But it can always be worse. That I do know.

Hopefully it at least goes fast and the pain goes quickly. But again that’s just hopes in vain. Pain never goes fast. It lingers.

Happy new years bitches. Hope yours is better than mine.


4 responses to “Alone

  1. Happy New Year!! Feeling alone sucks, let’s face it. But, it’s not a lifetime sentence. Remember it’s just a temporary state of being. Like depression, it’s a liar. Feels like it’s always been this way, and it’s always gonna be this way. But, no. Not true. Hang in there and keep posting because YOU ROCK!!!

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