End Racial Bigotry


Colorless love

If you follow my blog, you may have read where I lost part of my memories of my childhood.
Oddly enough, I just had one pop back into my head and felt the need to share it.

I imagine it was around ages 8 to 11 I lived in Detroit, just south of 8 Mile road.  I remember going to a Catholic school because my mom was afraid to have me in public schools.  At those schools I was still one of 6 white kids at the whole school and it went from elementary school to middle school.   4 boys and 2 girls.

I got harassed daily at school. Walking home. I took a job as a paper delivery boy with a wagon and got into many fights. Of which I remember being so angry that I was picked to fight because of the color of my skin I won every fight.
I wasn’t white, not really. So I only partially fit in there. But I definitely was not black.

This all just came flooding back like the fights were yesterday. The harassment of it all. 

I know there will always be different races, colors, religions, but to use an overused quote, “Can’t we all just get along?”

If I have lived my life without a color barrier even after events like this, than anyone can.

Love those around you.  Let the barriers down and the walls will eventually crumble. 


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