Year Recap

So, I’ve been away for a very long time. I have so many things happen in the last year. It’s been such a long year to get where I’m at now.

I try to keep my posts short and I will try my best. I hate sometimes reading page after page. Sorry I have a short attention span. Lol

I had some really good times. Moved in with a girl, for engaged. Sadly it only lasted for a few months after that. I be my normal self and take all the blame for this one. We’re just heading in different directions. I don’t regret one minute spent with her and her daughter. Some moments I’ll cherish forever. 

Met some really great people along the way. One new friend I will cherish forever. Yea I’m being a mush face, you don’t like it fuck off. Lol

Fast forward to where I’m at now. In a few weeks I’m moving out again. I’m so tired of moving. I hate change. 

The move was motivated by my actions which I take responsibility for..  depression was coming and I spiked manic. Getting out of control. Did something I do regret and will until I die. I killed off another piece of my heart. 

Do you wonder sometimes how much heart you have to give? Can you run out? Have nothing left to give? 

Food for

OK well, I promised myself I’d start writing again. 

So bitches, I’m back. 


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