Possible direct link?

Somewhere i found, cant remember where. Lol

So….ill admit, I’ve done a lot of different drugs over the years. Some good, some not to good. And one, surprisingly did nothing. 

I’m putting unbacked information out there so don’t take this for gospel. Bitches. 


Reading this article, it shows opiates such as cocaine increase dopamine levels. 

It also shows Zoloft, Prozac, and lexapro as a scientific and artificial dopamine increase drug. 

So….putting two and two together, I’ve done coke maybe a dozen times and I never got the high. Is that because all it was antidepress me like my medication does? I believe I was on Prozac at that time too? No, Paxil. 

Anyways. Is it this way for all bipolar people? Not a rhetorical question. 

If anyone wants to chime in I would definitely like to know if the same has happened to you. 


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