I’m fine?

I am sitting at my computer today doing homework. Almost done with this damn degree, three fukkin months left.

I just started following a newer blogger, you should check her out here (She’s awesome!)

I noticed since I came back that a lot of the writers I used to read have disappeared. I guess I did as well for a while too.

I am reading through her blog and crying with each one. So many of the stories here are so similar to mine. It hurts my heart to see others going through what I have and knowing there is not a DAMN thing we can do about it.

At least I know that I am not alone in my pain and struggles. Doesn’t make it hurt any less, almost more knowing that regardless taking medication…not taking medication…trying different ones…it still does not matter because this is always going to be that skeleton in the closet that is NOT always in the closet.

It comes out whenever it feels like it. Sometimes I get a few months break. Sometimes longer. But it always comes back.


Does that make being bipolar the mental equivalent of herpes? lol


2 responses to “I’m fine?

  1. you are definitely not alone… absolutely not… i want to reach out and say thank you for mentioning me…you know i started this blog as kind of a therapy for myself and on the journey i’ve met such amazing individuals (such as yourself) and it helps… i feel blessed to have met u … thank you so much… ur a rockstar!

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  2. I just edited the post where I was asking for forgiveness for mentioning you. You are welcome.
    I started mine as a journal. I never thought in a million years anyone would read it. I used to write on paper and my thoughts were so unorganized that I wanted to find a way to go back and edit or add to something. And here it is..
    I do feel this as a sort of therapy. I know most of anyone following the bipolar tag has been to at least one or one hundred therapists in their lifetime. While it does not in any way qualify anyone here as one, it helps still as we have heard all the same stuff over and over again.


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