Busy is as Busy does

So, I haven’t written much lately. I have been so busy trying to finish my last few classes to get my BS degree. I have two more months. I end right after my birthday. So I consider that my birthday present to me!!!

I am done with all my core classes, so all I have left is the bullshit that we “have” to take to be an educated individual in our society. Which is complete bullshit. I understand the concept, they want a well rounded individual coming out of college with the degree. Makes sense for those that are retarded and have no sense of anything going on around them.

But for myself, I see it as excess time extending the end. I am a well rounded individual. I am educated. I already have an AS degree in IT. I am six classes from another AS degree in small business.

I know plenty. I should be able to test out of the ignorance category. Is that a thing? it should be….Well, there are a lot of things that should be in place, but those things will never happen. And that is a whole different discussion.

I am tired of the every day…I wake up, do classwork…go to work…get home and do more classwork..then bed and starting it over again the next day…

I have been doing this again for two years again to finish up my degree. It is finally coming to fruition. There is a light at the end of this tunnel and its coming up fast.

The weeks are going by faster than I can even tell. I blink and it is already another Friday.  I will be finished soon. I will become something more than I am now. I am not sure what, but I know it will be more.

I can feel a change in the wind. I do not know where it is going to take me.

Right or wrong…I’m going somewhere.

I have made plenty of wrong decisions. At this point of my life, I don’t care where I go.

I just know that I am going forward…..




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