A Good Day

It’s hard to believe these days happen sometimes. I want to be quiet about it, too afraid I might jinx it.

Do I say anything? If i write about it, it makes it real. So it really happened. I did have a good day.

Its not always dark.

Its not always the end.

Darkness seems never ending sometimes. A cloud that follows you everywhere.

But then there is that opening in the sky. That brief break from the dark and raining. It may not last long.

You savor it.

Smiling up into the sun.

Asking where you have been??? Have I been forsaken?

Am I already in my own hell and don’t know it yet?

But the sun is out. Leaves still dripping from the showers, and its shining bright.

For the moment….just a single moment in time, things are good.

The rays feel warm on your face and you smile.

I just wanna laugh again

Thank you for today. Whoever sent happiness my way. I needed today. To remember there is still something to look forward too.




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